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Remember Mike Milken ??

Prison Bars

Remember Mike Milken ??

He’s the Fiancier / Philanthropist that
did 22 months of a 10 year sentence
after he pled guilty to felony charges
of security fraud and conspiracy.

Wondering what he’s up to now…

He and Sumner Redstone (media Mogul)
announced donations of $80 million.
Find out who’s to receive it and
what it’s to be use for


Wheels OF Success
- Changed My Life –
Thanks to Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah and Wheels OF Success

I saw something on TV Friday

that has changed My life…

There are things we can ALL do…

I will bring the info HERE for YOU…

It’s up to YOU to decide what,

how, where, when you

will do your part…

(God Bless You)

Details and Video Clips

Over On The  Queen Latifah Website

 Sharing a bit from there – below:

  • Patricia Kaehler


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    I felt a chill when I saw this segment…
    Those chills are signs that GOD
    is present with this woman,
    the organization,
    the donators
    and Queen Latifah
    This touched me…
    I’ll find a way to pay it forward
    with mentions…
    on some of my sites…

    Starting with:

    – in the BLOG Section
    (this weekend)

    God Bless You All…

    ~Patricia Kaehler
    Dayton, Ohio USA