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Merging faith and action in 2015

By Anthony Moujaes

In the last 12 months, the United Church of Christ celebrated a monumental moment for marriage equality, continued speaking out against racism and xenophobia, and entered into a full communion agreement with the United Church of Canada in fulfillment of Christ’s final prayer “that they may all be one.”

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Race, sex, politics garner headlines in 2015

By Bob Allen

Baptist minister Maurice “Bojangles” Blanchard (left) was a plaintiff in one of four cases taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court challenging state bans on marriage between same-gender couples. The court's decision in June paved the way for Blanchard and his partner, Dominique James (right), to marry later that month. (Facebook photo)
Here’s a recap of some of the stories covered by Baptist News Global in 2015.

By Bob Allen

Race, sexuality and politics emerged as recurring themes in daily news coverage by Baptist News Global in 2015.

nbcsummit warnock mugRaphael Warnock, senior pastor of Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, challenged black and white Baptists to move beyond comfort zones of race and theology toward a “covenant community” characterized by “creative and redemptive agitation” at the Jan. 14-15 New Baptist Covenant Summit in Atlanta. In July someone left four Confederate flags on Ebenezer Baptist Church’s church property.

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Pop Artist. Provocateur. Catholic. Who was Andy Warhol?

Washington D.C., Dec 31, 2015 / 05:54 am (CNA).- Chances are you’ve heard of the phrase “15 minutes of fame.” And you’ve probably seen the neon-colored canvases of Campbell soup cans or Marilyn Monroe’s face – even if you don’t know the artist behind them.

For those who’ve never studied Andy Warhol and his prolific body of work, they’ve still most likely encountered it in many of the pop icons of the late 20th Century.

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2015 delivered battering to the church — but also blessings, ministers say

By Jeff Brumley

Syrian refugees wait in line to register with the Greek government. Efforts to ban Syrian refugees in the United States has boosted support for ministries that serve internationals. (Creative Commons photo by Freedom House)
Along with challenges to churches, ministries and clergy during the year, there seemed to be corresponding benefits, observers say.

By Jeff Brumley

Churches, ministries and clergy faced plenty of challenges in 2015.

The “nones” and the “dones” were on the rise and church attendance continued to drop. Meanwhile, the number of Christians declined sharply in the overall population while other faiths seemed to surge, researchers found.

In spite of all of that and more — and even because of it all — some say the year was one of the best on record for churches, ministries and clergy.

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